Friday, February 08, 2008


“Fall seven times, stand up eight”
- Japanese Proverb

Having made the assumption that John McCain will be their nominee, Republican kingmakers have begun the vice-presidential sweepstakes. Pat Toomey, president of the Club for Growth, is casting his lot with fiscal conservatives like Mark Sanford and Jim Demint of South Carolina, Mike Pence of Indiana, former Texas senator Phil Gramm, or business magnate Steve Forbes. Commentator Fred Barnes’ short list includes Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, Sam Brownback of Kansas, or Richard Burr of North Carolina. Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics, not to be outdone, invented a political game called “veepstakes,” in which he invited readers to select who they felt would be the ideal running mate for John McCain.When all was said and done, sixty-six hats were thrown into the ring, including Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, John Kasich, Haley Barbour, Charley Crist, Carly Fiorina, David Petraeus, Joe Lieberman (have you noticed him carrying John McCain’s water everywhere these days), Jodi Rell, the White House groundskeepers, Chuck Hagel, Laura Bush’s appointment secretary, and assorted Party loyalists.

The list even included Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, and my candidate, Mike Huckabee. I can’t say what Rudy or Mitt would do with such an offer, but I feel bold enough to say that Mike would feel compelled to turn it down.

I just got back from attending a Mike Huckabee campaign event in Kansas City. I listened pretty intently to his stump speech, and there was nothing in it that hinted of surrender or some latent desire to become John McCain’s buffer if/when things go bad.

Before he suspended his campaign, Mitt Romney was complaining that Mike Huckabee was taking votes away from him. Now the Party powerful, including George Bush, have poured the anointing oil on John McCain. The message seems clear – “resistance is futile.”

Mike Huckabee apparently hasn’t gotten the message. Mike’s still standing tall. Access the following link from this morning’s meeting and you’ll see what I mean:

After his speech, Governor Huckabee was asked whether or not he was, in essence, chasing windmills. “This is about giving people a choice. It’s not a coronation…I’ve spent my whole life fighting my way up from the bottom. I still believe in the impossible,” he responded.

Give ‘em hell, Mike. This movement is still on its feet. To the powerful it looks as if it’s one man chasing an illusory windmill. To those who are following the dream it is something far different. This movement is about us, about having our voices heard. We don’t like the oil being poured by the movers and shakers. We think it may be a bit rancid. So, we’ll just keep dreaming the impossible dream, fighting the unbeatable foe, and trying when our arms are too weary. We won’t give up!


Quiverdaddy said...

Mike Huckabee indeed has an uphill battle given that people less involved in politics assume you're supposed to vote for the guy who's going to win anyway.

I actually had someone tell me this and I said, if you want McCain to become pro-life, pro-gun, and to unload all that McCain-HYPHEN-democrat-of-the-month stuff, we have to send a message: Even if he's been coronated, Conservatives can still vote for Huckabee to let McCain know he will not have our support in the general if he fails to address those deficiencies.

In the process, the less informed "message voters" will send a different message: More delegates for Huckabee and not enough for McCain to step forward and receive his crown.

Truth Unites... and Divides said...

Great post prairie apologist! I really like Mike Huckabee's fighting spirit because it totally mirrors and reflects mine. It's not over until it's over.

Muhammad Ali's rope-a-dope strategy. Take some hits, but keep on bobbing and weaving. Huck is the political Rocky Balboa. Takes some punches, but never gives up and fighting until the 15th round.

You go Mike Huckabee! You're supporters are with you all the way for the Presidency! Say No to any Veep offer!