Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Volunteers for Jesus

Sandy Brunson, who is a member of the church Nancy and I attend, has a website bylined “Volunteers for Jesus.”

It’s a great site, very interactive. I highly recommend it.

One of today’s posts was titled “Awesome God.” For Sandy it was a repost of something she had received a year ago. Sandy put it this way:

“A year ago this week....a list member and good friend sent this to me, and because "a picture IS worth a thousand words"...I wanted to share it with you, again, and for those who were not on this list at that time...you need to see it! What a demonstration of our AWESOME GOD! It "blew me away" revealing again the "height, breadth, width, and depth" of our Almighty God! Many will want to forward it to their friends...for it is absolutely amazing....worth the time to view it!!!”

I linked to the site Sandy referred to and saw what she meant. What an awesome God!

Link to the site and see what Sandy meant.

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