Thursday, January 31, 2008

There's Still Fight Left in the Dog

“I know of no such unquestionable badge and ensign of a sovereign mind as that of tenacity of purpose.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I got home too late last night to watch the Republican debate. From the little I read about it early on this morning it appeared that it was a slugfest between John McCain and Mitt Romney. Upon reading the transcript, however, I saw that, while Romney and McCain were throwing bricks at one another, my candidate, Mike Huckabee, was actually outlining policy positions, connecting on a personal level with voters, exhibiting leadership, and demonstrating there’s still a lot of bite left in the dog from Hope.

I admire Governor Huckabee’s tenacity. I think the millions of Americans who have taken his message to heart admire his dogged persistence to get his message out in the face of the obstacles that have been thrown in his path.

I suppose his detractors might try to say that he’s like Don Quixote attacking windmills. All I can say in response is that there are a lot of windmills that need chasing in this country, and they’re not imaginary. While Mitt and John were squabbling about who said what about timelines, Tyson Foods here in Emporia permanently shut down its second shift, two weeks earlier than previously announced. Hundreds here are out of work today. While the federal government is getting ready to send out rebate checks, the value of Interstate Brands stock here in Emporia is hovering at between two and five pennies a share – another 800 Emporia jobs hanging precariously in the balance. While the other candidates are flying around in a 35,000 foot dogfight, Mike Huckabee is down here with hurting folks at ground level.

Windmills? Hardly! This is a fight well worth continuing and I admire Governor Huckabee for his willingness to press on. There’s still plenty of fight left in the dog, plenty of primaries ahead, plenty of voters to speak to. He’s come this far without much money and little or no support from the Republican powerful. The dogged determination that’s propelled his campaign from the beginning will see him, and us, through.


Anonymous said...

The majority of Americans have not had their voices heard by vote. It is NOT a two man race. We DO have a consistent conservative candidate to vote for. I will NOT vote for liberal activist judge appointing Romney. His WALK talks LOUDER than his talk talks. Rush inadvertently admitted he is talking to wealthy Americans. No wonder he hates Huckabee. Huckabee is a populist that believes in the common people, you know, "We the people"
Vote for Huckabee

Anonymous said...

He was unsuccessful in Florida and SC. Explain how he is doing anything but running for VP??? What combination of states would give him a majority???

Anonymous said...

Huckabee can still win.

If Huckabee carries a few big states on Super Tuesday, he can parlay that into a Texas victory. With California being a non-winner-take-all state, and McCain and Romney splitting the other SW, NW, and NE states, Huckabee could end up with the biggest total.

It would be great to see the only conservative candidate in the race, Mike Huckabee, get the nomination.