Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day in the Heartland

I took Nancy’s brother James downtown this afternoon to watch Emporia’s version of the St. Patrick’s Day parade. As it is every year it amounted to about 10 pickup trucks draped in Kelley green crepe paper and a few motorcycles. There were a few bagpipes, which, according to Irish legend, were given to the Scotch as revenge. Two of the commission candidates, Tom Myers and Jesse Solis, made their appearances. I’d thought about joining the parade myself, but felt that it wouldn’t have been proper for me to celebrate Ireland’s patron saint by politicking.

I just read Scott Rochat’s piece in the Gazette about the day. A few struck me as particularly appropriate:

“Everywhere you go, it’s quite easy being green. People wear green shirts, or sport green buttons, or even drink green beer. Oh, yes, there’s a vague memory of some man named Patrick who threw the snakes out of Ireland (would he mind visiting Washington)?”

About the only words missing were, “Would he mind visiting Emporia too?”

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to one and all! Hoist a pint of the bitters and enjoy being a member of one of the great fraternities in the world!

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