Sunday, February 06, 2005

Evangelical Blog Awards - Finals

I’ve apparently made the finals in the Evangelical Blog Awards in the “Best New Evangelical Blog” category.

I’m very pleased to have even been considered.

The voting is now open until 5:00 PM CST tomorrow evening. As with the nominations your vote needs to be sent to the following e-mail –

More detailed information follows in this link to the Evangelical Blog Awards.

The list of all the finalists in each of the fifteen categories can be found in this link.

If you have read my blog and believe it’s worthy of your vote I would appreciate it. If you’re a fellow blogger and feel that Another Man’s Meat deserves the recognition I would appreciate, if possible a small blurb letting others outside my readership about me.

Thanks for your consideration!


Jungle Pop said...

Ya got my vote, buddy! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

You've got my vote!

I very much enjoy the writing and ideas here.

Trudy W. Schuett
The God Blog